Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm Not Jackson!!!!

After receiving some feedback about my previous posting from a well-intentioned Tamale peer, I realized that a lot of people may see me as some kind of an art fraud. First of all, I will explain my series that I am working on in more detail once I have more paintings completed. But to set the record straight momentarily, I am only working on a series. It is not my style nor is it a style that I am attempting to use forever –well, I guess if it sells and gets me rich, then you can call me a kitschy artist. I am only using the technique for a few paintings because it is conveying emotions, memories, and flashbacks that I can’t convey in any other way. In fact, my other paintings are going to consist of objects, chicken wire, talc, weaving, and even volcanic ash (actually, the close-up I previously posted does have volcanic ash).

Because I don’t want people to think that all I can do is throw paint all over a canvas, I thought that I should share some art I have done in the past that got selected into two annual juried shows at California State University, Hayward (oops, I mean, East Bay). I was –and still am –completely honored to be in each show, especially since I am not an Art Studio major.

2006-2007 Annual Juried Show

This one was the first portrait that I ever painted, so he looks a little on the pale side –I did it in a Painting I class using oils.

That square in his hair is just a glare.

This one I actually did in high school with rendering pencils. I could probably pull off a better drawing now since I’m a little more experienced (not much more experienced, but a little does make a difference).

2007-2008 Annual Juried Show –won an award

This was the first painting I ever did that involved warping figures –this is definitely a style that I’m going to experiment with some more. I really enjoy layering with oils and it’s a technique that I’m going to stick with. Because I got into a car accident after starting this piece, I actually had to paint the top half upside-down because I could not lift my arms (I even had to tape paint brushes together in order to reach the canvas). The sides of the canvas are also covered in gold leaf.

Some Close-Ups

I did not submit anything for the 2008-2009 year because I didn't take an art class that whole academic year (in order submit anything, one has to fullfill that requirement).

I didn’t plan on making this a show-off session, but I was a little concerned that people may make assumptions that I’m just copying other artists. As an Art History major, I would never do anything of that sort –or at least not intentionally. Again, when I get more paintings going, I’ll explain the purpose of my series. If you got this far, thanks for reading!

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Painting -Only a Close-Up

I had to get some business cards prepared since I will be going to an event. As I was working on them, I took a picture of a close-up of one of my paintings. I thought that I would share a couple of the close-ups so you can see what I’ve been up to lately. I greatly apologize that what you are about to see will be of great disappointment when compared to my Tamale peers who always blow me away. I guess that’s why I should just stick to writing. Anyways…

I couldn’t get a full shot of my painting, because my studio is a little cramped right now since I’m stretching a bunch of canvases (I’m working on a series using mixed-media. Each painting is 36”X36” –yes, I'm working with squares). When I get more room in there, I’ll attempt to get standard-sized pictures of some of my completed pieces.

And now, let the criticizing begin.

A Close-Up

An Even Closer Close-Up