Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Politics, Math, and Art -Oh, My!

OK, I know that what I’m going to say will probably flood me with “hate mail,” but I need to get this off my chest. I’m not being political. I’m just going to say what I notice.

Michelle Obama: I have nothing against her, but I’m so tired of everybody raving about her “fashion.” Fashion? What fashion? She dresses like a Mark Rothko painting (I will explain this in further detail).

Mathematical Equation: I have created a mathematical equation so you can see what I’m talking about. I know that this may pose as a conflict between the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere of the brain, but don’t worry –it’s very simple.

If you have 2 of the same Rothko paintings connected, you can get a Michelle Obama dress.

Rothko/Michelle Equation:

1 upside-down Rothko painting + 1 right-side-up Rothko painting = 1 first lady victory dress


I would show you another dress I recently saw Michelle Obama wearing on the news, but I can’t find the dress online. It was a white dress with a blurry yellow line. That dress also followed the Rothko/Michelle Equation.

When the Rothko/Michelle Equation Doesn’t Apply:
Fear not. Regardless of the equation, I have noticed that Michelle Obama dresses in color schemes that Rothko used in his paintings too.

Here is that picture of her with Oprah. Notice that Michelle Obama’s outfit uses the same color palette as the Rothko painting next to it.

Yeah. Coincidence? Most likely. But I’d like to think that Michelle Obama has a secret admiration for the Rothko look. Who wouldn’t? Rothko paintings are supposed to make one feel a sense of calmness, reaching enlightenment, and experiencing the void.

For Next Time:
This was my first blog entry, so I apologize if things were a bit strange. I enjoy observing and studying art, so my future blogs will focus more on other artists (dead or alive) whose works are on display in the Bay Area. I’ll also try to expand my topics beyond painting, drawing, and photography to other mediums that depict art and self-expression. My philosophy is that everything is art; so everything should be explored whether it instantly appeals to you or not. In addition to talking about other artists, I will occasionally post pictures of my artwork for you to critique and hate (well, don’t be too harsh -I’m not as talented as my Tamale peers).

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