Thursday, December 17, 2009

Making Pills: Part II

So my quest to complete these pills continues. I didn’t have to go into work until later today, so I used the time to my advantage. Today’s mission: paint the second half of the pills and gloss the capsules.

All I could think about last night and all morning was how I was going to paint the second half of the pills. I thought I was going to airbrush the halves with acrylic, but then I thought this morning I should spray paint them instead so it matches the white I sprayed as the first coat. Afterwards, I began considering going to an art store to pick up a medium so I could hand-paint acrylic on the halves. Then, at the last minute, I figured it would be best to hand-paint them with the same paint medium as the spray paint. I figured that it would look better and I could save tons of money since I already had the paints on hand –no medium required!

Before I could paint, I had to tape the halves with that nonstick blue tape (this took a long time because I had to lightly push the pills back onto the pins).

They look like they're wearing little culinary chef hats.

Then I began painting the first batch of 40 halves. Paint it blue!

The second batch of 40 halves. Paint it green!

40 of red.

And 12 of grey. What? 12? Yeah, the other 28 couldn’t fit on the foam board so I’ll have to repeat the entire process after these are done.

I then began feeling cocky and thought I would try to gloss the capsules that had been spray painted.

Then I became depressed and hated myself for my cockiness. There was a bad chemical reaction with the spray paint and the clear glossy protective spray paint. The layer of paint began to crack immediately.

Experience the nastiness.

I didn’t notice this until after I had sprayed both the white and blue capsules. Now I’m kicking myself for not being more careful. Tomorrow, when it dries, I’ll check on it again to see if I’ll have to peel the layer off or if I can just spray paint them again –but without that stupid expensive glossy waste of money stuff.

That’s how you learn, I guess. You have to destroy some art before you can get something you like. Until my next continuing adventure, here are some close-ups of the pills.

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